I began working with Dr. Sharon years ago. Her combination of aromatherapy, acupuncture and massage is the most effective treatment for my body. She's heaven-scent.
-Cameron Diaz, Actor
Parade Magazine April 27, 2008
My friend, Dr. Sharon is a gift from the angels. She has de-stressed me many times over the years with her aromatherapy and treatments. To be able to have her signature aromatherapy scent with me at all times is a little slice of relaxation heaven! I love it and her.
Liv Tyler, Actor
Dr. Sharon's AM I DREAMING is truly the real deal. Her aromatherapy oil relaxes and balances me whether on a plane, writing, directing, acting or at the park playing with my kids. It makes me feel so good, I think, am I dreaming?
Ed Burns, Actor / Director
Dr. Sharon's essential oil kit is perfection. I have found it to be the perfect travel companion-the essential oil is great to have on the plane and I light the candle in my hotel room. It immediately makes any space feel like my own. The scent itself is beautiful, grounding, and calming. I love it!
Carla Gugino, Actor